Big Brother Jonathan         &

      Little Sister Jolie

WHAT IS Jo-Jo's Adventures


Jo-Jo’s Bible Adventure takes children on a fun and interactive journey with big brother Jonathan and little sister Jolie through popular Bible stories. Readers will learn bible stories through a unique storytelling voice accentuated with rhyming verses.

Children will enjoy reading the action packed stories beginning with the Creation of the World, to Noah and the significance of the Rainbow and Jacob the heel catcher and ending with the Israelites’ escape from Egypt. The biblical scenes are uniquely illustrated with vibrant colors and the characters possess various melanin complexions that all kids will enjoy.

This book is the first book in the Jo-Jo’s Adventures series which includes Jo-Jo’s Bible Camp Adventures, Jo-Jo’s Christmas Adventures and Jo-Jo’s Easter Adventures.

Pastor Joshua & the Humble Praise Center Youth

 Abraham: The Father             of Faith


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 to read about each biblical figure and discover many others. 

  Joseph: The Dreamer                   who saved                       Israel and the                 Son of Jacob


Pastor Joshua T. Scott M.CD. and Veronique Scott J.D. are believers who are called to inspire the next generation to stay faithful in their religious belief and love of God. Joshua graduated from Morehouse College and later received his Master’s in Community Development from Prairie View A&M University. Veronique graduated from The University of Texas at Austin and Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law. Together they created the JO-JO’s Adventures Series to empower youth of all races and cultures to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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   Eve: The first woman              created by God

 Isaac: Abraham's son               and the Father               of Jacob